Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gabel Bick Wedding

This weekend I had the honor of coordinating the wedding of Stacy Gabel & Marc Bick. It was an amazing day that went from 8am to 2am. It was all worth it as we watched the beautiful ceremony on the beach and the totally fun reception at the club. I especially loved when Mrs. Gabel came into the dining room while we were finishing decorating and "teared" up as she saw all of her hard work come together and create a very classy affair! Well done Kaye & Stacy! (and Mike and Marc)! It was a lot of hard work and the wind provided a challenge with the Chuppah on the beach - but we prevailed, thanks to Melissa of Bonita Flowers & Gift, and we prayed. The clouds threatened, but in the end it was all gorgeous.