Friday, June 25, 2010

Anniversary date - everything happens for a reason!

So here's my story: Jim and I wanted to celebrate our 27th Wedding anniversary - our first one in NYC! As a family, we enjoy celebrating events but aren't concerned with specific days but try to be more concerned with enjoying time together. I've struggled with holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. because growing up holidays, etc. were times of decorations, presents and celebrating in meager but special ways. I've learned over the years to not have great expectations about holidays and not to count on cards, presents, etc. My husband and kids enjoy time together but don't focus on celebrating Christmas on Christmas, etc. It does help me realize what is important.

SO, our anniversary is June 25 but we had free tickets to a "Happy Hour" cruise on the New York harbor on June 24th so we thought we would go on a romantic cruise and then out to dinner. Jim had a meeting and asked me to meet him at the boat. He told me to take the F train to 4th and transfer to the A or C! Easy enough - leave at 5pm and meet him at 6pm board at 6:15pm.

I decided to spend a little effort to look nice to meet my husband for this date! I curled my hair, put on a sundress, his favorite cologne, jewelry he has given me over the years, etc. - you get the picture. Its too hot in NYC and we were going on a boat so I was thinking about throwing on pants, a tank top and putting my hair back, but I decided Jim deserved a little effort!

Remember, everything happens for a reason! I was ready and made it out of the house and down to wait for the "red bus" to take me to the subway station. I realized that I did not bring a hair clip to pull my hair back on the boat. So I ran into the grocery store by the bus station and grabbed a hair clip and went to the register. I saw the bus so I put the clip back and went to get on and it left with out me :( I went back and got the clip and paid for it and another bus pulled up. It was my favorite bus driver so we got to chat.

I proceeded down "the hole" to the subway, no problem. I didn't wait too long for the train, it arrived, I boarded and I was on my way to meet my honey for our anniversary. I exited as instructed at 4th Street and found the "B" train (in my mind Jim said "B" or "C"). I boarded and again was on my way .... it was about 6pm and we were supposed to get on the boat at 6:15pm.

I was on the subway thinking I was getting off at the next stop when the train came up from underground and suddenly we were on a bridge going over the East River. I quickly texted Jim and said, "I'm on the "B" train, what do I do?" then we went back underground (no cell phone service). Jim didn't know what I should do, he didn't know where I was or where the "B" train was going.

I got off on the next stop, tried to figure out where I was, asked for directions, ran down to grab the next train, missed it, then I looked at my phone and Jim had texted me and told me to get a cab ASAP. I ran upstairs and hailed a cab (I don't do that often) and I was on my way across the Manhattan Bridge to the South Street Seaport.

I had a lovely chat with the taxi driver and glanced over the the Brooklyn Bridge that was completely packed with stopped cars - its "rush hour" in NYC but my driver chose the Manhattan Bridge and we made it back to Manhattan safely and quickly.

I jumped out of the cab about 6:15pm and saw Jim (I really just wanted to cry after being on the wrong train, having to pay for a cab, etc.) He hugged me and looked me in the eyes and I said I was sorry for making a goofy mistake and he hugged me and reminded me that "everything happens for a reason" and I agreed and he looked me in the eyes and said, "you look stunning!" He hugged me again, looked me in the eyes, reminded me that "everything happens for a reason", hugged me again and said, "the cruise was canceled!"

Total bummer on the boat, but total score on the effort to impress my man! We decided to go straight to dinner. Jim hailed a cab which wasn't easy. We noticed there were police everywhere and the taxi driver said that they were closing several streets. He could take us to our destination but it was a bit of a journey because of the street closings - we still aren't sure what was going on. We made it to the restaurant. Our meal was delicious and romantic and we talked about what we remembered from our wedding day!

I'm not sure what all the reasons were or what God was maybe saving us from but we went with the flow and enjoyed our time together. We laughed about the events of the evening. If this had happened years ago, I would have been crying and upset that our plans did not work out and that our evening was ruined. I have a way of "idealizing" things and when things don't work out how they do in my mind I get flustered, frustrated and upset. Thanks to my wonderful husband (and my children), I've learned to "go with flow", focus on what is important and remember that "everything happens for a reason"!

Jim thought I looked "stunning" and we enjoyed our time together - nothing else really mattered!

It all started 27 years ago!

Twenty seven years ago today I said "I do" to Jim Hines and my life has never been the same. It was a short romance/engagement and within 6 months we were married. On our first date I told him that I wanted to marry him and have his children (some alcohol might have been involved) - but God is gracious and good and my dreams came true. We were married in my Aunt's backyard in Osprey, Florida. Our good friend, Yvonne performed the ceremony. The bride wore a "Gunny Sak" dress and I'm not sure who did her hair - do you ever look at old photos and ask yourself, "What was I thinking?"

Jim is an incredible man and I am blessed to be his wife. God intervened in our marriage early on and radically changed our lives and our marriage forever. He graciously gave us three amazing children, added a beautiful daughter-in-love, a totally awesome grandson and a granddaughter scheduled to arrive in November.

The ceremony was cheap and simple, but the memories and repercussions of the day are eternal!

I love you, Jim Hines - thank you for choosing me to be your wife! Everyday is an adventure with you and our God! -- "WHAT'S NEXT?"

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy Anniversary Sam & Ashley!

I love the Brockintons! They are so wonderful together - professionally and personally! Here are a few photos from Ashley & Sam's wedding 6 years ago today.

I was her coordinator and my husband gave the message at the ceremony. It was a beautiful day.

These are photos that I took. She might kill me when she sees these!!! It was a beautiful, God honoring and fabulously fun day. Their recessional song was "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" - totally hysterical and totally them! I remember Ashley's dad making a few funny comments and then asking that someone keep him away from the microphone.

Happy Anniversary you two!