Friday, November 13, 2009

This would be so cool at a garden reception!

I was at Waterside Shops today and they were having a party to celebrate the opening of the Romero Britto museum. DJ Ceron was playing the tunes, the weather was awesome and THEN there were walking trees and orchids.

My pictures aren't great, but you can look at pictures and videos at They were amazing and I thought they would be totally fun at a wedding reception.

The costumes were beautiful and the "dancers" were fascinating how they interacted with the audience, fellow "plants" and the architecture around them.

Check out the website!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Christine & Shawn at Tiburon with Cupcakes!

Saturday, November 7, 2009 - it was a busy wedding day all over SWFL. I was at the Golf Club at Tiburon with my dear friends Christine & Shawn.

It was such a beautiful day and everything went so well. The day after the wedding, Christine posted on Facebook that she has a "permanent smile" on her face! She is so fun and so sweet (so is her husband) - we all stayed at the Ritz at Tiburon and she texted me at 8:30am that she was wide awake and was in the lobby - so we met for coffee and talked about the wedding!!! What a blessing to be a wedding coordinator for such wonderful people.

My other blessing was working with dear friends and fellow wedding professionals - cuddos to Peggy Farren at Avant Garde Photography (can't wait to see the photos), Dale Kubala at Connie Duglin Linens (gorgeous Blueberry Crinkle linens), Grace Bolen at Gracie's Cupcakes (amazing - strawberry, red velvet, chocolate and carmel), Jessica & Josh at Tiburon (wonderful service), Symphonie de Fleurs did the florals and Jay Seidl did a great job with music for the ceremony and brunch.

The highlight was the cupcake display. It was so fun to work with Grace to create the display. We used the girls bouquets to fill in with flowers and glass shelves and glass blocks to create the "architecture" - so great!