Saturday, January 10, 2009

For some reason this morning I was thinking about this photo collage. My amazing friend and photographer, Ashley Brockinton, asked me to help her with this photo shoot months ago. We had a great time creating the scenes for this display. We were given an assignment to post pictures of a bride, a planner and an "element" of a wedding. Ashley Albee was our beautiful bride. Ashley Brockinton and I wanted to use "white" with a little "pink" to accent our design. I used my Aunt's Rosenthal china from the 50's that is so chic and modern and simple. I love these candy jars and have used them for several weddings. We were originally going to put fish in them, but that didn't work out so we settled for marshmellows. Did you know they make pink marshmallows. It was so much fun to find them at Target! Anyway, we worked really hard on this project and the pictures are unbelievable. I think it looks like something you would see on "Martha Stewart" or "Style Me Pretty" - way to go Ashley!

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