Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Ritz at Beaver Creek Colorado

Last weekend I was visiting friends in Colorado and we went skiing at Beaver Creek. Well, everyone went skiing except for me. I spent time visiting shops, fireplaces, comfy chairs, etc. I got a call to meet the gang at the Ritz for lunch and while I was waiting for them to arrive down the slopes, I went roaming the halls and found a flurry of activity on a wedding reception! Here are a few shots I took. It was beautiful - an asian flare with white cherry blossoms and lots of candles. The room was set up for two events - dinner and dancing. The venue was split with black drapes that separated dinner from the "dance club". The entrance was a lined with candles and a red carpet and rose petals. As a planner, it was a treat to stumble upon this .... Enjoy the photos!

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