Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I see everything thru the eyes of a wedding planner ....

I'm spending some time in the city - NYC! Oh how I would love to plan a wedding here. Today we walked down a street that was lined with florists - flowers, plants, vases, branches, wheat grass (my favorite decor) covered the sidewalks. We were headed to "House of Brews" or I would have stopped to literally "smell the roses"! All I could think of was weddings, weddings, and more weddings - lots of idea spun through my head.

Yesterday I went to the NYC Public Library - what an awesome place for a wedding - simply marvelous architecture. Today we went to St. Paul's Chapel across from the World Trade Center - it survived the attack with no windows broken! It is a beautiful chapel complete with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and an historic graveyard very picturesque - I know that sounds weird but the flowers, trees and sunlight filtering through was beautiful.

To top it all off I spotted a mobile cupcake van - only in NYC! I like cupcakes.

NYC destination wedding anyone!

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