Saturday, August 7, 2010

Unity Margarita for Destination Wedding in Mexico

This is the cutest, most unique wedding idea I've heard of in a long time. I love creativity!!!

Darcie and Noel, have become dear friends here in NYC. They are an adorable couple and are working on making their upcoming destination wedding in Mexico very personal and unique. One of the ideas they came up with for their beach ceremony is a "Unity Margarita"! I think this is such a cute idea and it fits their personality. They've put a lot of thought into the meaning behind the "Unity Margarita" and they plan to actually mix it together during the ceremony while their officiant explains the meaning and then share a sip!

Margarita Ingredients:


Tequila = HONOR (The number one selling Tequila in Mexico is El Jimador. This was created in 1994 to "Honor" the men who harvest agave plants.)

Triple Sec used for sweetening = TENDERNESS (very important in a relationship)

Fresh Lime Juice is the "Key Ingredient" which creates BALANCE in the drink and the marriage relationship.

Salt on the rim of the glass = "PIZZAZZ" (FUN and LAUGHTER)

So you have STRENGTH, HONOR, TENDERNESS, BALANCE, PIZZAZZ - the perfect recipe for a perfect marriage! Cheers!

Congratulations Darcie & Noel!

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Mrs. Julie Graham said...

Congrats Hubbers! Will they be home before I come?