Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wine & Cheese Surprise Party

I've always loved planning parties, especially "themed" parties. I remember as a teenager I would throw themed parties, although back then no one would come to my parties :(. My favorite was a luau in my Aunt's backyard around her pool. It was great. Those are my roots as an event planner!

Tonight I hosted a surprise birthday party for a dear friend of mine. We had a wine and cheese party and we had a lot of fun. I had a great time designing it and I have enclosed some photos. I found some great things at "Michael's" like wine charms, matching coasters, garden "markers" that I used to label the cheese, etc.

Everyone was asked to bring a bottle of wine and I put blank labels on the bottles and people voted for their favorite. I had a fun little prize for the winner.

Happy Birthday Kendrick!

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The Busy Bee said...

Mary! Your parties are always SO FAB looking!!! plus oh my goodness that is my favorite wine! I had the same kind from Napa! If you go to napa get the Gwertz from Castillo De Amorosa, its a delight

Thanks for visiting my blog too