Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Anniversary Lauren & Bill!

Sunday will be Lauren & Bill's first anniversary. I was privileged to coordinate their wedding at the Naples Grande. I stopped in today to get some information for a new client. I mentioned the DeAngelis wedding to the concierge and he commented that it was the most beautiful wedding he had seen at the Grande - then I mentioned that I helped planned the event! It was a sweet moment. More importantly, Lauren and Bill are a sweet couple and I wish them many more happy years as husband and wife!

The wedding was amazing. I will include a few photos that I took. Cher Hanna was photographer, Vintage Vinyl was the band, 50 Fifty provided design and flowers, Brett Culp provided videographers, Lauren's mom designed and had the fireplace built, etc. The evening included shawls provided at the last minute from a cousin who brought them from Ikea, a great candy bar, dinner poolside, a late night snack of hamburgers and fries and the red Ferrari or was it the Lamborgini? In lieu of a party favor, the couple choose to make a donation to an orphanage in Cambodia - there was a card at each seat with a child's photo and name from the orphanage. It was a great addition to the party. The whole evening was special and showcased the love that this family has for each other, the love that Lauren & Bill share and their love and commitment to God. Happy Anniversary Lauren & Bill!

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