Saturday, February 28, 2009

My amazing daughter-in-law!

My daughter-in-law is very talented and creative. These are photos of "onesies" that she has made from adult shirts. The first one is of Soren wearing a onesie made from one of his daddy's work shirts. The second photo is a onesie that Sarah was "commissioned" to sew for a baby of a band member from a shirt that his daddy designed. This is such a cute idea for gifts. She is hoping to sell the idea on "Etsy" a homemade/craft website. Sarah is an excellent seamstress and I'm excited about the possibility of a little "cottage" business for her.

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LittleReece said...

Thanks for the exposure! :-) is a great way to contact me if you'd like to have onesies made! I also make custom infants' dresses that you can see on my blog, too.