Thursday, May 7, 2009

"SWFL Wedding Connection" Luncheon

Months ago Ashley Brockinton and I came up with the idea to start having lunch with our friends who we know in the wedding industry. We've been having a blast getting together monthly and forming friendships and working relationships.

Yesterday, we had lunch at Buca de Bippo. We had about 30 wedding vendors who gathered for lunch hosted by Jackie Ritter at Buca. The conversations were great and the food was delicious - thank you Jackie for arranging this - it was a lot of fun!

Next month, Jon Phillips from CaterMasters and Cinderella Catering is hosting an "after five" event for us on June 11th at his home. He is going to provide refreshments and cook for us. I can't wait - in addition to seeing my friends, we get to sample awesome food from CaterMasters! If you're interested in join us email me - we love meeting new friends!

Here is who joined us yesterday:

Sonya Cranmer, KCTecs
Mandy Ruse, Mandy Ruse Wedding & Event Planner
Sarah Krehling, Lyfe of the Party
Jennifer Easton, Lyfe of the Party
Tina Church, Eventz
Sarah Garrent, SW Florida Travel
Peter Pecci, Pecci Photography
Peggy Farren, Avant Garde Photography
Deborah Cull, Deborah Cull Photography
Debbie Irberseder, Irberseder Productions
Mary Ann Shea, Mediterra
Susan Scarff, Foxfire
Jackie Ritter, Buca de Beppo
Jon Phillips, CaterMasters
Courtney Herrell, Naples Zoo
Susan Savino, Naples Beach Hotel
Melissa Read, Naples Beach Hotel
Beth Fromm, Naples Transportation
Dale Kubala, Connie Duglin Linens
Carri Adam, BBJ Linen
Nancy Joseph, Makeup Artist
Kiley Melheim, Hair Stylist
Kevin Smith, Kevin Smith Entertainment
Gracie's Cupcakes & Ice Cream
Gini Willis, Benefit Design Group
and us - Mary & Sarah Hines, Chandelier Productions